Twenty Something Travels

•June 20, 2011 • 1 Comment

In a world of instant noodles, a lot of things can happen in three minutes. Since my last post, there were a lot of learnings and I still learn to appreciate life and enjoy every single day of it- whether it was a tiring one, a boring day or a bad case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I tried doing a lot of things – change habits, do little makeovers… the works. And then it was time to travel, breathe and see the world!

I am glad I took the risk to enjoy a new scenery and know that there is a big world out there for everyone to enjoy. The cool and breezy Tagaytay air surely did wonders to my aura even if it was one of the most tiring trips of my life! It was truly a great adventure!:)

Book Reading!!!

•January 27, 2011 • 2 Comments

lost hero UK

I gave in to my weakness yesterday and bought the sequel to the Percy Jackson series three days after I read its last installment, “The Last Olympian”.

I was surprised to see a UK version of the book’s cover in Rick Riordan’s blog, though I secretly hoped that the version supplied to the Philippines is that with the UK cover.

With 551 pages, I’m already way close to reading half of it: I’m at page 271… 280 more pages to go. The only frustrating part is that once I’m done with this book, I have to wait for the next one to come out. That’s my main problem with book series, there’s a time element that cannot be augmented by the reader’s willingness to read the entire thing in one sitting.

I am eyeing Riordan’s Egyptian series, the Kane Chronicles whose first book, The Red Pyramid, was already released. The second installment to the three-part series is going to be released this May (too late for my one-sitting book reading plan).

red pyramid

So let’s see. Once I’m done with the first book of both Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus, I guess I’d start the 39 clues. I’d be halfway through that series until the second book of those two would be available. 😉

National Bookstore and Powerbooks would be very, very proud of my book purchases. 🙂

The Lost Hero

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the lost hero

I finished Rick Riordan's last installment on the Percy Jackson series. Whew, that took a long time (since I had to wait for a paperback copy of the Last Olympian book). I am relieved to know that The Lost Hero is a continuation of the Percy Jackson series. Now it's another adventure for a new set of demigods and their battle to save Olympus. 😉

I'm torn between starting the new "The Heroes of Olympus" series, or finish the 39 clues. There are other authors who are also writing the series: Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Peter Carman, Gordon Corman, Linda Sue Park, and Margaret Haddix, among others. I'm sure their writing is as good as Rick Riordan, who authored book one. All I'm sure of is that I'm getting hooked to these fantasy books as much as I was to the historical romances.

If I was a kid nowadays, I'm sure that I would bug my parents to buy me the whole set. But since I'm no longer a kid, maybe the first book of the Heroes of Olympus can wait… until later. 😉

Hello, Kiddo.

•January 24, 2011 • 1 Comment

I feel like a kid today. Super.

the last olympian

I bought the last installment of the Percy Jackson series and if I had leave credits, I might have skipped work to finish the last book. I just borrowed books 3 and 4 from a friend, so backtracking is hard at this point.

I have already started with another series from the same author, Rick Riordan – 39 clues. I have already uncovered clues 1 and 2, so basically I have to purchase the next two books so that I would be able to move on with getting at least the first 6 clues.



Reading all of these fantasy-adventure books brings me back to the times when I would spend lazy afternoons sniffing my new gems. Reading is such a good hobby to develop.

Enough of the ‘mature’ business books. I am going to be on ‘kid mode’ again!


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TH stands for Terrible Headache, just like the one I have right now. It must be the hunger pains. Oh good Lord, please deliver me from all cups of rice tonight.

I’ll be home in 2 hours, tada!

The Drama of a Tear

•January 20, 2011 • 3 Comments

It’s always a good thing not to give everything, and that in any aspect of our lives, we should always live by this one important lesson:

Leave something behind – for yourself.

At the end of a long journey, we always go back to ourselves, to our inner core, to our controlled and “perfect” environments; we go back to the embrace that shelters us from life’s inalienable truths – that the only thing constant in life is change. The only other permanent is God and His Almighty love for all of each creations – no matter how ugly and unpleasant they are in the eyes of others.

It’s amazing how I start my 2011 posts with this tone, but I guess the first 19 days of the year brought me to the realization that, no matter how we want to control and plan ahead, we will never realize it unless it’s part of God’s greater plan.

There may be times when we’d feel hurt, pain, anger and frustration, but there will be times when we’d feel triumph, relief, happiness and peace. Life is an everyday decision, an everyday blessing, a constant struggle. We all aim for a better life, a better job, better relationships, and even better bodies. We are always in constant search for the other half of the heart that will make us whole, someone who will make us feel loved, important and understood. Maybe we already had them, maybe we still have them, maybe we still don’t.

It’s amazing how the world is filled with so many people, but all we see is that there is only ONE that can fill it and make it whole.

I realized, that above any human being, you must love yourself FIRST. No one will take good care of you in the way that you want, except yourself. You may have a man, a family, a great bunch of friends, but in everything that you do, after God, put yourself FIRST. You need to fill your jar to be able to pour something to fill the other jars as well.

I would say an amazing man from 2107 miles loves me so much. We have our personal differences, and though we try very hard, we find it a struggle still to come out to family and friends about “us”. It’s an amazing story, a unique human footprint in relationships… And like other people who share the same hormone-loaded emotion, we have our rough times… just like this particular day (and all the other days when he 1) forgot 2) is busy 3) all the other reasons of being unavailable to a) listen to me b) talk about mundane ideas c) waste time talking to me.

To the man whose first name starts with the first letter of my last name— You know how much I love you. It is in this ranting/post/appeal that I hope/pray/hope again that you would try to take good care of the people you love, and the people who love you just as much. I hope it’s gonna be a “ttyl”.


•December 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

I dunno what I should feel today. All I know is that I wasted a day waiting for the conversation that never came, and now I am wasting time waiting for someone who seemed not interested in talking to me. I love giving people chances to prove themselves. And today is one of those days that I should have done otherwise.